Sunday, May 6, 2018

Conventions, Vampirella, and Newsletter!

Hey folks!

I've been crazily busy lately -- working on comics, such as the Ghostbusters: Crossing Over miniseries and Red Sonja ongoing, pitching in on the coming Ghostbusters World mobile game, and a few other things I can't even talk about!

Wanted to take a second to mention a few upcoming appearances and books...

  • APPEARANCE! I'll be at the MCBA's 30th annual SPRINGCON May 19-20, at the MN State Fairgrounds. Look for the Grandstand and come on by! It'll be a great time.
  • APPEARANCE! I'll be in Fort Myers, FL in June for SPACECON! Can't wait to get down to the most popular peninsula in the US of A (sorry to my Yooper pals) to hang with my geeky peeps on the Gulf Coast.
  • APPEARANCE! Since it's on the website, I figure I can announce it -- I'll be down in Atlanta for DragonCon again this year! Can't wait!
  • NEW BOOK! Savage Tales #1 is out May 9 with a new Vampirella story by me, Anthony Marques and J. Bone! Find out what happens with Vampi is dropped into a world of sword and sorcery for 20 pages...
  • NEW BOOK! Crossing Over #3 was pushed back to June 06, but our crossover continues there! The crossover has been a lot of fun to write, and it's getting crazier as we go!
Those who subscribe to my newsletter can expect a new edition soon, too -- I'm running behind because of all the stuff I mentioned at the top!

See you soon!


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