Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Coming to Dragon Con!

Hey, folks! I'll be at Dragon Con again this year!

Just got my panel schedule and wanted to share it with you....

Title: Ghostbusters vs. Everyone: Can They Bust It?
Time: Fri 01:00 pm Location: M103-M105 - Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
Description: The Ghostbusters ain't afraid of no ghosts! But could they take on superheroes? Wizards? Monsters? Star warriors? This panel answers the important questions.

Title: From Screen to Comics
Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: 204I - Mart2 (Length: 1 Hour)
Description: Comic Books that tie into TV shows and movies have a long history with fans. Creators discuss the challenges and techniques they use to turn Star Trek, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Godzilla, and Ghostbusters into comics.

Title: Dynamite Entertainment Comics
Time: Sun 04:00 pm Location: 204I - Mart2 (Length: 1 Hour)
Description: Dynamite Comics is publishing a wide range of familiar popular characters. Join the writers and artists of many characters such as Tarzan, Red Sonja, James Bond, Dejah Thoris, and the Green Hornet.

Come see me at any or all of the above, or at my table -- #217 in artist alley! I'll be signing up a storm.

Take it easy!

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