Wednesday, September 7, 2016

October Conventions!

I'm pleased to announce I'll be at two one-day shows in October 2016.

First: the MCBA's Fall Comic Con on Saturday, October 8 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds' Education Building.

More info to be found here: MCBA Fall Comic Con.

Then, on October 22: Northern Convergence, at the American Legion in Forest Lake, MN.

More info here: Northern Convergence.

Both shows are one-day cons, both start at 10am, and I'll be at both all day long! Come say hello!

Friday, August 5, 2016

About Tobin's Spirit Guide and About NYCC

The bad news is I won't be attending NYCC this year as I'd hoped. (I wasn't tabling - I was just going to wander, as I do during SDCC... but things just didn't come together.)

This is my second attempt to get to NYC this year; both fell through. That's the universe for you! One day I'll revisit that city.

In better news -- Tobin's Spirit Guide. Some of you have noticed it's currently down/only available from 3rd party vendors on Amazon. WELL! That's because the first run has sold out. It's going back to press! MORE COMING SOON!

Thank you to you amazing Ghostheads for the success of the book, and for those who haven't gotten one yet, more coming soon!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My (tentative) SDCC 2016 schedule!

Hey, everyone!

I'll be heading out to sunny San Diego again in a few days for Comic Con (which'll be nice after all the rain we've seen lately up here in the Lakes Area!)

I'll be there the whole weekend. Here's where you can find me to say hello or get some books signed:


  • 11AM - 12PM: INSIGHT EDITIONS (Booth 1703)
    I'll be signing Tobin's Spirit Guide and chatting up all things Ghostbusters - leave your class VIIs at home!
  • 6PM - 7PM: IDW PUBLISHING (Booth 2743)It's a Back to the Future signing! Say hi to me and the BTTF Ongoing maestro John Barber! Bring all your BTTF comics to sign, and let me know how you're liking the Citizen Brown mini!


    • 7:00PM (give or take) - ?? MASS HYSTERIA AT THE WEREWOLF
      My boss, Tom Waltz, and I will be hanging out at the Tampa Bay Ghostbusters' third annual MASS HYSTERIA event at the Werewolf! This is always a good time; get in while you can!


    • 6PM - 7PM: IDW PUBLISHING (Booth 2743)
      A Ghostbusters signing at the IDW booth -- but don't be shy, bring your TMNTs or BTTFs or anything else I've worked on!


    • 11AM - 12PM: INSIGHT EDITIONS (Booth 1703)
      An encore signing of Tobin's on the last day of the show! Come on out if you haven't already, it's your last chance!

    If anything else pops up -- other signings, panels, meet ups, and what-have-you -- I'll be sure to give the heads up at my TWITTER account, -- or, more simply, @erikburnham


    See you at the con....!


    Friday, June 10, 2016

    Tobin's Spirit Guide is out -- NOW

    This heavily illustrated book focused on some of the most famous ghosts in GHOSTBUSTERS lore (from the movies to the games to the comics) is by me & Kyle Hotz, abd published by Insight Editions under the stewardship of editor Chris Prince.

    It was a DELIGHT to work on!

    (Feel free to order a copy via the link to the right!)

    Here are two write ups - from Entertainment Weekly and io9, with exclusive art:



    The book should be in comic shops by the end of June 2016, and in the UK by August!

    ****Updated June 16

    Thursday, June 9, 2016

    Saturday, June 4, 2016

    The Ghostbusters Humble Bundle!

    For the next couple of weeks, IDW has partnered with Humble Bundle to present the Ghostbusters comics series!

    For those who don't know how Humble Bundle works, in this case, you would give a charitable donation (either to the default charity - Traveling Stories - or one of your own choosing!)

    These comics are DRM free and come in multiple formats (such as CBZ and PDF.)

    You pay whatever you want for these comics, unlocking more books as you go. $15 will get you ALL that are available -- which includes almost every Ghostbusters comic (excepting the TMNT crossover, RGB crossover, and RGB/Mars Attacks story!)

    This even has the first five issues of current series Ghostbusters: International!


    Other charities I can suggest? The Hero Initiative, Reading with Pictures, and the CBLDF -- these are all comic book related to one degree or another. There are medical research and philanthropic choices aplenty. Thousands of choices!


    (And also hook some friends on the comics by me, Dan Schoening, and Luis Delgado! The more the merrier!)

    Here's the link to the humble bundle -- HURRY! It only goes to June 14!

    Wednesday, May 11, 2016

    Let's Review A Comic Book!

    Thanks to the internet and the ease-of-sharing that came with the explosion in social media platforms, there are more reviewers out there than ever, all itching to share their opinions on their topics of choice.

    I'm going to talk about comics reviews a little.

    Within the past couple of days, I've seen reviews that simply summarize plot (very common), one that gave a book high marks (but not explaining why), and one that simply said: "this was good."

    That was the entirety of the review. And those were all POSITIVE reviews.

    Negative reviews are often dismissive to show "comedy chops" on the part of the reviewer (or so it seems.) Sometimes it's to pick a nit, or to subtly/not so subtly rail against someone the reviewer feels superior to getting work in comics. (We can usually tell, guys.)

    But the reviews, positive and negative, have something in common: the people creating them love comics, for the most part, and want to share their points of view. But so much gets left out. Summarizing? Not a review. Comedy routine about the lack of taste the creators have? Not a review! Focusing exclusively on either art or writing to the exclusion of the other? Not a [full] review! And of course, rating it in any way without supporting text: so not a review.

    What I would like to suggest is the old school report/journalism basic "five Ws and how."

    WHO.... created and published this book? Let us know the writer, the line artist(s), the color artist, the letterer and the editor. You should. Each of these people influence every book you read. You remove any one, and it's diminished.

    WHAT.... is the book about? Don't summarize the plot in full - unless you want to give the writer of the comic credit for writing the bulk of your review for you! - but do give an overview. Maybe a few big points, thematic resonance if you tend to view things that way. Though that might also be considered part of the...

    WHY.... should an audience read it? Or not read it? Even if you don't like it personally, if there is an audience for it, it bolsters your credibility to recommend any virtues it may have to that audience while, at the same time, being honest about your own tastes. A fine line to walk to be sure, but looking at something from many angles sure makes for a better review.

    WHEN.... is the book coming out? Give it a street date, make sure folks know! If it's a fantastic comic, and your review has managed to sell that sought-after New Reader, they want to know when they can find it.

    WHERE.... I know, I know - it's not a typical must for a review, but it sure helps in comics, especially with a book you're pushing. The direct market does not stretch to all corners. Make sure your site has links to sites like comixology, the DCBS, and the comic shop locator! Again, if you want people to look into what you're recommending, give them that chance.


    HOW. Know a little bit about how a book is made. Know how to talk about story, art, color. Be able to see the additions good lettering makes. Do not just "rate" something by  your gut and regurgitate some text to go with it -- that's how we get 5 star reviews with an actual 3 star rating.

    These are super basic. SUPER BASIC.

    Others - notably writer Benjamin Bailey - have written solid "how tos" that cover many of these same points, and often do it better. In fact, we overlap on so many points, I could've just linked to Ben's article and left it at that... but I'm a loquacious son of a gun. Welcome to America.

    So read Ben's article, absorb all of these points, and then go forth and enjoy some comics, everyone.

    And remember what I said about how-to-find links?