Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I will be appearing at HOT COMICS in Richfield, MN for Free Comic Book Day this year!

Come say hi and talk about all the cool new comics out this year, Ghostbusters International, Back to the Future: Citizen Brown, or the upcoming Tobin's Spirit Guide!

I'll have a few things for sale, and some free mini-prints (while supplies last!)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Pre-Order Tobin's Spirit Guide TODAY!

It'll be in your hands come June, and Amazon has a great deal on it! So snap it up and feast your eyes on Kyle Hotz's killer illustrations, as well as a boatload of information on the supernatural from Drs. Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler... and me!

Just follow this link to preorder your copy:

Tobin's Spirit Guide: Official Ghostbusters Edition

(I'll be signing at San Diego Comic Con, and I'm also shooting to have a few other signings lined up throughout the rest of the summer, too!)

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I'm excited! This Saturday, April 16, I will be at the Bloomington VFW for COMIC CARD, a great little one day show that I had the privilege of attending last June.

I'll be hanging with local comics buddies Otis Frampton and Dave Wheeler, and the legendary Larry Hama will be there, too! It will be a fantastic time!

I will be bringing plenty of comics with me, and, as a first, I'll be bringing buttons from my sister's Etsy store -- including the debut of her GHOSTBUSTERS inspired sets, and an exclusive set (we're talking 10 of each design or less) of Captain America: Civil War inspired buttons.

Look and see (with more of the buttons she's sending found at the link at the top of the image):

Stop by and see me!

I'll also be at the MSP COMIC CON in May, at the MN State Fairgrounds! More on that show in a future post -- I hope to have some new things at the show for you! --but I want to put the bee in your bonnet.

Come on down to the Twin Cities!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Signing at AW YEAH COMICS and my return to COMICCARD!

I finally got to visit Aw Yeah Comics in Muncie, Indiana, and it was made all the sweeter by the curveballs thrown at me in transit!

A bit of background. I've been talking with head honcho Christy about coming to the shop for a signing for about a year now -- so it's been built up -- and it was just a few months back that we finally got the details all ironed out. A date was picked! Travel was secured! Excitement built!

I drove down to MSP airport at 1am on Saturday, April 9. Got through security, got to my plane, boarded... and then... just as we were about to take off... we were waved back to the gate. It turns out there was a spoiler malfunction that had to be addressed. And then fixed. And then paperwork needed to be filed.

That took three hours. At one point, they asked all of the folks with connecting flights to disembark to speak with ticketing agents. While waiting in line, I also phoned the airline... and was told it looked like there was nothing. I could have chosen to go home at that point and scrubbed the signing, but I decided to double check. The ticketing agent in front of me was talking to two guys also heading to Indianapolis; she found a possible flight! Woo!

So we headed onward to Chicago. Where... that flight had no seats. Everything was oversold! I couldn't even get back to MN until the next day...!

But Chicago is only a few hours' drive from where I was going... so I rented a car and hit the road. It was GORGEOUS out! A great day for a drive! Only my anxiety of being late dampened things... but I made it. Only two hours late. There were costumed Ghostbusters on hand, a line of people, and plenty of books to sign -- and I had a fantastic time.

Certainly the most memorable trip to a signing ever...!

I want to thank the Christy, Mark, and Kyle for having me out, Circle City Ghostbusters for keeping things ghost-free, and all of the comics lovers who showed up! (Y'know, Kyle deserves an additional thanks for getting slimed.)

The store is a very keen place. A nice kids section, reading nooks!!! (which are my favorite part of every good bookstore) and an entire second story full of potential that they're already beginning to realize. If you're within a couple hours of Muncie, check it on out!

(I'll dig up some photos soon!)

This coming Saturday, I'll be in Bloomington at COMICCARD! It's a great one day show, and I look forward to it, and seeing fellow pros Otis Frampton, Dave Wheeler, and the great Larry Hama.

If you're in the Twin Cities, please come say hi! There will be comics, sketches, and -- here's something new -- buttons by my little sister! (Oooh, fancy!)

See some of you this Saturday!

Friday, March 11, 2016

TOBIN'S SPIRIT GUIDE -- Final Cover Revealed!

The final cover to Insight Editions' Tobin's Spirit Guide was released this afternoon by editor supreme Chris Prince.

I'm proud of this book! It was illustrated by Kyle Hotz, and written in conjunction with Drs. Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler of the Ghostbusters.

(Which is clearly how I got such intimate details of these investigations.)

The book should be out in June, but DON'T WAIT! Pre-order your copy now from Amazon!

Just follow this link:

And remember: we're ready to believe you!

Ghostbusters: The Board Game II!

The word is out on my latest Secret Project as the news broke today that Cryptozoic and Sony are reteaming for another outing into the world of the Ghostbusters!

The first game, which came out last year, got some rave responses from Ghostheads everywhere. Dan Schoening did the designwork, characters from our run on the comics were used, and he and I also worked on a little bit of an in-universe introduction to the game for the instruction manual...

Well, we're coming back!

Dan returns to do more designs! I'm on another backstory (and I'll be working with maestro Mataio Wilson to even more closely tailor the story to the game!)

I've talked with Mataio about some of the possibilities. He already shattered my expectations -- this game is going to be bigger in every way, from concept to execution.


I'll post word when the kickstarter campaign goes live.


Edit: here's the link to Cryptozoic's announcement!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Adventures In February: From Rewrites to Not Dying Again

So, wow.

It's been a hectic month, February. I needed Leap Day just to decompress. Shall I take you through the madness, the nonsense, that I have fought through?

Don't pretend as though you have any choice. If you're reading this, you've already clicked on the link.

I started off feeling pretty good; I'd finished three scripts in January! But then two of them needed some extensive rewrites -- one was my own fault. I had new ideas that worked better and scrapped the back half to rework it. The other? Somebody else had better ideas!

So don't think this is a complaint -- the end result was two scripts better than the first draft. But it still took a little more time than I expected. Was I running low on inspiration or something? Procrastinating? Blowing the dust off the ol' PS3?

Well, no.

I got the flu. I got the flu BAD. My whole family got it. How? Well.

It seems my youngest sister goes to high school with an idiot who thought coughing in peoples faces to spread germs was the height of comedy. She got taken down hard. When I brought her some popsicles to maybe ease the fever [cue ominous music] I WAS INFECTED.

And yes, it was awful. Whatever strain is sweeping the nation this year knocked me off my feet. I lost ten pounds in one week. (Which is the silver lining, but I don't recommend it to anyone looking to get ready for spring.)

Once I was finally well (or functional! Let's go with functional) I buzzed through the remainder of the scripts in no time. And I feel  good about them.

And then it was my birthday! I BEAT DEATH AGAIN! (Well, twice, if you count that flu.)

I disappointed a lot of friends who asked "no really, what are your plans?" I had no plans! I didn't think I'd be well in time, so I made none. I did have dinner with two friends the day before, which was nice. I had a tarragon mushroom fusilli, and it was good. I'm currently hunting for a recipe on this one. (I love to cook, folks.)

Birthday itself was quiet; I hid in the corner of a coffee shop and did some more writing, and seemed to have escaped my usual case of bad luck. (I guess my birthday was feeling sorry for me after days of fever and pain, so it not only left me alone, it let me win on a scratch off. Huzzah!)

I began to look at my schedule for the rest of the year - as far as I know - with just two local conventions (Comic Card and MSP Comic Con), one out of state show (SDCC) and a signing at Aw Yeah Comics Muncie on the books... after all the travel the last few years, I felt a little twitchy. So I started thinking about putting together a few signing dates in the summer. Just a quick jaunt out to a place I've never been for a couple of days, do a signing at a shop, and then play tourist. It seems like it could be the perfect plan.

I brainstormed some places I'd like to visit -- but here's where you who may be reading this come in. I could use suggestions. Where should I visit? What shops would like me 'round to sign the stuff I've worked on?

This data will help me pick some places! I'd love to hear from you!

And now, I've got some new work to get back to.