Sunday, December 17, 2017

It's a Blog! Con announcement, Star Wars, and a happy holiday to you all!

  • First up!It's not my first appearance of the year chronologically, but it's the first one to be announced!

    In June, I'll be down in the gulf coast of the Sunshine State -- Fort Myers, Florida -- for Space Con! Should be a fun time for geeks of all stripes. Here's where you can dig up some info on that:

  • Second off, some non-spoilery talk about Star Wars: The Last Jedi.Holy cow.

    I haven't seen so much fan divisiveness (of a critically praised movie) in a loooooong time. There's plenty to unpack with that, but in all honesty... I loved it.

    I loved that it wasn't quite the A-B-C of a hero's journey. I loved that it didn't give is all the same things, simply packaged in a different way.

    And I loved the voice Rian Johnson brought to it. I loved the humor, and I loved (this could be me being an Indiana Jones fan over and above a Star Wars fan) that there was so much more about how the characters -- hero and villain -- coped with failures. 

    Some of these failures were big, some small (not limited to death, indignity, misunderstandings, insults, failure to act on an impulse, and perhaps largest of all, for many of the characters, failure to be what you expect of yourself.)

    That resonated with me. In fact, I can't overstate how much I connect with that.

    I do expect enough was left vague for JJ Abrams to pivot the story back to grand high mythology, but if I'm being honest, this is a Star Wars movie I connected to in ways I didn't expect. I know Mark Hamill was disappointed in Luke's storyline. I know fans are mad because it didn't follow the feel of TFA.

    And without a doubt, I would've done things differently.

    But -- even with the longer running time -- I loved this flick.
  • Okay, last but not least...
    It's the end of the year, and 2017 has been one tough cookie in so many, so VERY many ways. Political incompetence and infighting, natural disasters, conspiracies, illness, and darkness in the human spirit on display.

    I'm kind of cynical, but I still believe there is better coming, and that's because I fundamentally believe, despite my grousing, that there is better in us.

    So here at the end of 2017, I want to wish all of you a 2018 that is so great, we're not ready for it to be over twelve months from now. I wish you health and happiness. I hope to see some of you at conventions or signings or elsewhere, and to laugh about the good we've seen recently.

    And of course, I hope my work will continue to entertain some of you when the good is otherwise hard to spot.

    Thanks for being here, there, and everywhere.

    And Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New Project: Pitching in on RED SONJA

I'll be helping out on Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez' RED SONJA series over at Dynamite, scripting issues 12-16.

There's plenty of craziness in Amy's story, and Carlos is killing it on art.

#12 should be out pretty soon, but in the meantime, here's a short interview about it!

Friday, November 17, 2017


Warner Bros. Pictures
I haven't done a movie review on this site in a while -- mea culpa, I've been busy -- but I couldn't let the Justice League movie pass by without one.

Bear in mind, I liked half of Man of Steel, a third of Suicide Squad, 2/3 of Wonder Woman, and ... let's not talk about BvS. How does the League fare?

I had too many thoughts on it. Some, I admit, may not be fair, as there were quibbles and observations that are coming more from my place as a creator than as a member of the audience...

But though there was stuff I didn't like, I did like a lot of it. A whole lot.

I do want to say -- for those whose favorite version Superman started with John Byrne's revamp, this is arguably the best overall onscreen representation of the character.

Needless to say, spoilers will be HEAVY after the break, and there will be some rambling, too. (Much.)

Let's do it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

New Appearance: VALLEYCON

Hey, folks!

I'll be at VALLEYCON in Fargo, North Dakota this year!

Well -- for most of it. I'll be appearing on Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21 -- but will have to leave on Sunday for a previous engagement... so if you want to say hi, be there before Sunday!

Looking forward to seeing everyone--!


Friday, September 8, 2017

DragonCon, TMNT/GB II, a Kickstarter, and more!

Had a great time at the craziest con in existence with my Ghostbusters parter-in-crime Dan Schoening. We were busy sketching and chatting and signing all four days -- talk about a whirlwind.

As always, I saw some of the most incredible cosplay, and I got to chat with a LOT of Ghostheads.

....And thankfully, being on the fourth floor of the hotel, I was also able to take the stairs instead of waiting for the perpetually clogged elevator.

I wish I had been able to explore a little bit more, but that's the price you pay for having a lot of readers in one place. Fair trade.

...I did get, at least, to hang out with the incomparable Wilfredo Torres for a bit. He's got a lot of big things coming up this year, which is good news for fans of great art.

Anyway, it was an exhausting and fun weekend -- but I've just about recovered. And none too soon! I have some more scripts to write... news on that soon.

Meantime, there's a few other things to talk about.....

  • First: make sure you pre-order TMNT / GHOSTBUSTERS II: THE STORY WITHOUT A SUBTITLE! Time is running out for that!

    It's a five-issue weekly series coming out this November, and it features art by Dan Schoening, Pablo Tunica, Mark Torres, Tadd Galusha, Charles Paul Wilson III, and color from Luis Antonio Delgado!

    (Expect the unexpected!!)PREORDER NOW!!! These are the codes you need -- remember, this is a weekly book! Don't miss out on the adventure!

    ISSUE 01: SEP170484
    ISSUE 02: SEP170489
    ISSUE 03: SEP170492
    ISSUE 04: SEP170495
    ISSUE 05: SEP170498

    If you don't have a local comic book store (like me) check out DCBS, GMart, or TFAW -- they can hook you up!

  • Second, my good friend Scott McCullar has just launched a Kickstarter for his THRILL SEEKER COMICS. This was his pulp-fueled pastiche that debuted in the Shooting Star Comics Anthology back in 2002 -- the same book that launched my career in comics.

    Scott has 128 pages of nazi-punching pulp here, much of which was in the six issue run of the Shooting Star anthology, but some of which is BRAND NEW to this edition. And it's all gone from black and white to glorious color.

    Not to mention, one of the stories was guest-written by me.

    Scott's almost 1/3 of the way to goal as of this posting... go on over and check out his wares:

    Click here to check out the THRILL SEEKER COMICS Kickstarter!

  • Last bit of business -- I'll be at the MCBA FallCon on Saturday, October 7. I hope to get my brother down there with me to share copies of his first Inner Child collection -- he's kept a daily schedule on that strip for over a YEAR now, and that's no small feat as he also has a full time job and a girlfriend who's always on the go. (Seriously, she marathons like a madwoman.) Come show your support -- or visit the strip at!

All right, that should be it. I may have some more news soon -- and when I can share, I'll share it here.

Thanks, everyone!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

SAN DIEGO COMIC CON LOOMS! Here's my schedule......!

  • Ghostbusters 101 — A Ghostbusters Panel of Biblical Proportions!Thursday , 7/20/17, 10:15a.m. – 11:15a.m., Room: 6DEJoin Ghostbusters co-creator Ivan Reitman and the IDW Ghostbusters brain trust of Erik BurnhamDan Schoening, and Tom Waltz, as they discuss the long-running, critically acclaimed, and fan-adored Ghostbusters franchise, including everything from the classic original movies to the long-running comic book history at IDW Publishing… as well as future plans for major events from Ghost Corps that will add to the beloved brand’s canon, bringing the different Ghostbusters worlds together like never before! Be there… or be slimed!
  • IDW BOOTH SIGNING: 12:00 - 1:00PM
    Ghostbusters signing at the IDW booth with me, Tom Waltz, Dan Schoening, and Ivan Reitman! (It's a ticketed signing, owing to Mr. Reitman, so get your ticket early to get him to sign your GB stuff!)
  • IDW BOOTH SIGNING 5:00 - 6:00PM
    Ghostbusters signing at the IDW booth with me, Tom Waltz, and Dan Schoening! No tickets required for this one, but rumor has it Tom will be offering free hugs.
  • TMNT: Summer of the Turtles IDW panelSaturday, 7/22/17, 11:30a.m. – 12:30p.m., Room: 24ABCJoin TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman, writers Tom WaltzErik BurnhamAubrey SittersonUlises FarinasErick Freitas, and special guest Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai as they discuss the events of IDW’s biggest summer of TMNT publishing ever! Moderated by Editor Bobby Curnow.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


It's a lot like Free Comic Book Day -- but for Halloween!

Free comics, folks!

And this year, a book I worked on is in the mix. Ghostbusters v.2 #10 -- the Dia de los Muertos issue of the Happy Horror Days arc!

Check it out -- for free! -- this October for Halloween Comicfest. And while you're picking up the freebies at your local comic book store, SPEND SOME CASH! Find some great books, and enjoy the day.

The full list of Comic Fest books can be found at this link!