Friday, April 14, 2017


It's back, folks.

It's really back.

At 2am local time, Netflix loaded up the 14 new episodes of MST3K.

Did I start with the first episode? No. No, I did not.

I started with episode 10. Why?


And you know, I'm not gonna spoil it. I can give you my general thoughts, though, and I'll do that after the break....

Monday, April 10, 2017

OMG MAY! Such a busy, busy time! APPEARANCES!

I'm gonna be all over in May, folks!

First, there's Free Comic Book Day, and I'll be signing from 11am until, well, at least 2, but I won't leave anyone hanging if they need a signature on a book!

I left out the "where," didn't I? I'm coming to Burbank, California! (That's like Los Angeles' cool hat!) Come see me at:


I'll sign! Chat! High five! Maybe I'll even sketch some. We'll see if they let me. (:

The week after? I'll be in Sioux Falls, SD for SIOUXPERCON 2017!

SIOUXPERCON -- Click that link to get your tickets now! There's even gonna be a pre-con dinner on Friday. Come, hang with the pros. Break bread and chat!

The week after that, I'll be hitting my home state show, the MSP COMIC CON!

It's a packed May with a lot of travel and a lot of fun.



Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ghostbusters 101 #1 gets a second printing.....

Courtesy IDW Publishing
....And the 2nd Printing cover is something I did!

This is the "title card" we've been using inside the book... but it's an honor to join the ranks of the fantastic cover artists 101 has had (Dan Schoening, Tim Lattie, Erica Henderson...)

Thanks for the continued support on Ghostbusters, folks!

Friday, March 10, 2017

ROB CON III: One Signing To Rule Them All

It's time for another trip down to the always awesome Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls, Iowa!

It's always great to see Rob and his crew, and this store is one of my very favorite in the country.

This signing and sketching extravaganza takes place ALL DAY on Saturday, April 1st, and will feature not just me -- but superstar pals (and artists extraordinaire) Tom Nguyen and Brent Schoonover!

All the relevant details are here:


All three of us will be doing sketches at the con, and yes, I'll be taking a few requests in advance. Details at the link. Drop me a line early if you want a sketch for sure -- otherwise, it'll be first come first served!

KONG: SKULL ISLAND -- A Quick Review

Warner Bros./Legendary
Look, to get this out of the way... look at the poster. They're not even being subtle about the fact that they wanted to blend in as many nods to Apocalypse Now as possible to this film.

Also, the helicopters, formation of the soldiers, and Kong himself form the shape of a skull, don't they?

You're subtle, marketing department. You all get a cookie.

Now, as a fan of the 1930s original, what did I think?

Is this Kong a king?

My rambling thoughts after the ol' break, to protect the sensitive to spoilers.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

LOGAN -- A review.

20th Century Fox

So I ventured out into the cold and windy afternoon (that turned into a cold, windy, and snowy night!) to catch a screening of LOGAN, Hugh Jackman's swan song as the titular character (otherwise known as Wolverine.)

Jackman took over the part, starting in 2000's X-MEN, from Dougray Scott -- getting to the movie after production had started...

...And he's shown up in every X-Men film since (if you include his non-appearance in Deadpool) and starred in three solo Wolverine films.

Jackman's made this part his own over 17 years, and this is the way he chose to say goodbye.

I'd heard so many wonderful things about it (including the typical spoilers) before I got a chance to see it, so I may have watched for things to be critical about.

And what did I think? I admit, my thoughts here may be a bit of a meandering journey... but I think that could be appropriate here...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Dynamite Kind of May -- with KISS and Red Sonja!

Courtesy Dynamite. Cover by Yildiray Cinar. 
Just recently announced, I'll have two extra-sized one-shots coming out from Dynamite in May 2017!

The first one is KISS: FOREVER, with art by Daniel HDR.

We take a look at four different historical eras, and place one of the KISS avatars in each, interacting with the people of that time!

The Catman shows up in the stone age, the Demon shows up shortly before Rome burns during Nero's reign, there's a Caribbean pirate pastiche with the Starman, and a near-silent Spaceman story set during that period of time where NASA was sending men to the moon!

I hope you'll all find the mix of stories and settings as much fun as I did while working on it!

PREVIEWS order code is MAR171686! 

Courtest Dynamite. Cover by Moritat.

The second one-shot is RED SONJA: THE LONG WALK TO OBLIVION.

If you've read Red Sonja #0, you know that Sonja was fighting a demon in the land of Meru before being blasted into another time and place -- and this book takes place right before, leading Sonja to Meru and the demon she battles at the beginning of #0!

This story features a lot of good old fashioned warrior fun -- including a good reason not to get nosy with Sonja, a flying monster, a bands of mercenary scum looking for revenge... and lots of Sonja showing folks the bloody business end of her favorite sword.

Honestly, the story could be about anything and still be awesome, since this book features art by comics legend Tom Mandrake!

To order, just give your favorite comic shop this order number: MAR171686

Red Sonja and KISS were a whole lot of fun to work on -- a bit of a departure into pulp fantasy for me, and I had a blast working on them. So much of a blast, in fact, I'm looking forward to a chance to jump back into these genres again soon!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts, folks!

(Let me amend that. I look forward to hearing your good and happy thoughts!)