Creator Owned

  • Downside vol. 1 (2021)
    This is a collection of comic strips that I originally posted on my Patreon. A creator-owned book, written and drawn by me, and published print-on-demand via Amazon. (Don't give me that look; I'm too busy for full time fulfillment!) It's available in hardcopy or as an ebook for your Kindle!

    Downside @ Amazon

  • HELP! -- A Hero Initiative Anthology (2021)
    I contributed a one-page story (writing and line art) to this benefit book. Oliver Mertz provided colors and Taylor Esposito lettered it. I'm actually not sure where a copy can be obtained -- but here's the Kickstarter page archive if you want to know more about what we did!

    Kickstarter Archive: Help!

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