Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Descending on us from the past: THE DOWN SIDE (or that time I drew some webcomics!)

So way back in 2008 I had been running a revival of my old webcomic THE DOWN SIDE (which initially started as irregular message board postings in 2002.) 

I was posting them on my website homepage, enjoying the novelty of a blog template that made updating comic strips easy. 

Sadly, I was working a lot at the time - freelancing and holding down a regular job! - so the revival only lasted a few weeks, and most of that was me quickly sketching them out when I had downtime at the day job and lettering them on the computer before I started writing. 

Eventually I just ran out of gas with all the demands on my time (I didn't start with a big enough buffer and went 5 days a week... really, this kind of failure is a tale as old as time.)

Anyways last night, I found a cache of the old comics and decided to present some of them to you (so I'd have an easy blog today -- win/win!) This actually makes me want to do some new ones... when time presents itself.

But for now: TO THE COMICS! (Just click to make 'em bigger.)

In this first one, I predicted CIVIL WAR II:

Then there's this one, wherein one of the leads makes a deal with the devil in order to take over a comic shop (which, in a pun I'm still proud of, I had initially named The Merchant of Bendis)

I also had a lot of jokes with Ted, the unemployed Grim Reaper.

Honestly, I just enjoyed putting Ted in hats.

In any case, I'll return to the Down Side again one day. It was too much fun. (Though this time? I'll pick a more reasonable schedule........!)

Talk at ya soon, folks!