Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Adventures In February: From Rewrites to Not Dying Again

So, wow.

It's been a hectic month, February. I needed Leap Day just to decompress. Shall I take you through the madness, the nonsense, that I have fought through?

Don't pretend as though you have any choice. If you're reading this, you've already clicked on the link.

I started off feeling pretty good; I'd finished three scripts in January! But then two of them needed some extensive rewrites -- one was my own fault. I had new ideas that worked better and scrapped the back half to rework it. The other? Somebody else had better ideas!

So don't think this is a complaint -- the end result was two scripts better than the first draft. But it still took a little more time than I expected. Was I running low on inspiration or something? Procrastinating? Blowing the dust off the ol' PS3?

Well, no.

I got the flu. I got the flu BAD. My whole family got it. How? Well.

It seems my youngest sister goes to high school with an idiot who thought coughing in peoples faces to spread germs was the height of comedy. She got taken down hard. When I brought her some popsicles to maybe ease the fever [cue ominous music] I WAS INFECTED.

And yes, it was awful. Whatever strain is sweeping the nation this year knocked me off my feet. I lost ten pounds in one week. (Which is the silver lining, but I don't recommend it to anyone looking to get ready for spring.)

Once I was finally well (or functional! Let's go with functional) I buzzed through the remainder of the scripts in no time. And I feel  good about them.

And then it was my birthday! I BEAT DEATH AGAIN! (Well, twice, if you count that flu.)

I disappointed a lot of friends who asked "no really, what are your plans?" I had no plans! I didn't think I'd be well in time, so I made none. I did have dinner with two friends the day before, which was nice. I had a tarragon mushroom fusilli, and it was good. I'm currently hunting for a recipe on this one. (I love to cook, folks.)

Birthday itself was quiet; I hid in the corner of a coffee shop and did some more writing, and seemed to have escaped my usual case of bad luck. (I guess my birthday was feeling sorry for me after days of fever and pain, so it not only left me alone, it let me win on a scratch off. Huzzah!)

I began to look at my schedule for the rest of the year - as far as I know - with just two local conventions (Comic Card and MSP Comic Con), one out of state show (SDCC) and a signing at Aw Yeah Comics Muncie on the books... after all the travel the last few years, I felt a little twitchy. So I started thinking about putting together a few signing dates in the summer. Just a quick jaunt out to a place I've never been for a couple of days, do a signing at a shop, and then play tourist. It seems like it could be the perfect plan.

I brainstormed some places I'd like to visit -- but here's where you who may be reading this come in. I could use suggestions. Where should I visit? What shops would like me 'round to sign the stuff I've worked on?

This data will help me pick some places! I'd love to hear from you!

And now, I've got some new work to get back to.