Thursday, April 14, 2016


I'm excited! This Saturday, April 16, I will be at the Bloomington VFW for COMIC CARD, a great little one day show that I had the privilege of attending last June.

I'll be hanging with local comics buddies Otis Frampton and Dave Wheeler, and the legendary Larry Hama will be there, too! It will be a fantastic time!

I will be bringing plenty of comics with me, and, as a first, I'll be bringing buttons from my sister's Etsy store -- including the debut of her GHOSTBUSTERS inspired sets, and an exclusive set (we're talking 10 of each design or less) of Captain America: Civil War inspired buttons.

Look and see (with more of the buttons she's sending found at the link at the top of the image):

Stop by and see me!

I'll also be at the MSP COMIC CON in May, at the MN State Fairgrounds! More on that show in a future post -- I hope to have some new things at the show for you! --but I want to put the bee in your bonnet.

Come on down to the Twin Cities!