Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My (tentative) SDCC 2016 schedule!

Hey, everyone!

I'll be heading out to sunny San Diego again in a few days for Comic Con (which'll be nice after all the rain we've seen lately up here in the Lakes Area!)

I'll be there the whole weekend. Here's where you can find me to say hello or get some books signed:


  • 11AM - 12PM: INSIGHT EDITIONS (Booth 1703)
    I'll be signing Tobin's Spirit Guide and chatting up all things Ghostbusters - leave your class VIIs at home!
  • 6PM - 7PM: IDW PUBLISHING (Booth 2743)It's a Back to the Future signing! Say hi to me and the BTTF Ongoing maestro John Barber! Bring all your BTTF comics to sign, and let me know how you're liking the Citizen Brown mini!


    • 7:00PM (give or take) - ?? MASS HYSTERIA AT THE WEREWOLF
      My boss, Tom Waltz, and I will be hanging out at the Tampa Bay Ghostbusters' third annual MASS HYSTERIA event at the Werewolf! This is always a good time; get in while you can!


    • 6PM - 7PM: IDW PUBLISHING (Booth 2743)
      A Ghostbusters signing at the IDW booth -- but don't be shy, bring your TMNTs or BTTFs or anything else I've worked on!


    • 11AM - 12PM: INSIGHT EDITIONS (Booth 1703)
      An encore signing of Tobin's on the last day of the show! Come on out if you haven't already, it's your last chance!

    If anything else pops up -- other signings, panels, meet ups, and what-have-you -- I'll be sure to give the heads up at my TWITTER account, www.twitter.com/erikburnham -- or, more simply, @erikburnham


    See you at the con....!