Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Out today! Ghostbusters International, vol. 2 -- this collects issues #6-11, with art by Dan Schoening, Rachael Stott, Erik Evensen, and colors by Luis Antonio Delgado.

It starts with a trip to Puerto Rico with Egon Spengler, Kylie Griffin, and Special Agent Melanie Ortiz -- and continues to span the world -- and the pits of hell -- in the story of the Ghostbusters vs. a rogue Scandinavian warlock!

Finish the maxiseries with this hefty tome (and get all of the Haunted America files illustrated by Corin Howell, too!

Hit your friendly neighborhood comic book store today, or, if you don't have one, CLICK HERE to order it now from Amazon!

Also available, the 2017 Ghostbusters Annual! This one contains several
short stories, all written by me, all colored by Luis Antonio Delgado, and drawn by a murderer's row of talent! The stories include:

  • Where Winston Was (art by Dan Schoening): Find out where Winston was while his colleagues were being sued for tearing up the streets of NYC during the events of Ghostbusters 2!
  • Haunted America (art by Corin Howell): Join Mel Ortiz on a creepy case in the American heartland! Evil in Iowa, and an assist from Peter Venkman and Kylie Griffin!
  • Second City Ghostbusters (art by Erik Evensen): The Chicago Ghostbusters (Rookie, Ron Alexander, Lou Kamaka, and Dani Shpak) investigate a haunting at a high-end hotel!
  • A Prelude to 101 (art by Rachael Stott): Meet Janine's niece Cait Banner and her friends, Zoe Zawadzki & Evan Torres... they have a problem with a ghost and borrow a trap to take care of it. Nothing could go wrong, right?
  • The Origins of the Green Ghost? (art by Dan Schoening): Ray, Egon, and Kylie posit their theories as to just where the green ghost fans know as Slimer might have come from -- the answer may surprise you!
  • Pagan's Bust (art by Tim Lattie): A vignette about Kylie Griffin's pet cat and a messy apartment!
Again, check out your local comic shop to get a copy now, or CLICK HERE to order from Amazon!

And don't forget, Dan, Luis, and I return to Ghostbusting duty in March with GHOSTBUSTERS 101 -- pre-order issues #1 and #2 now from any comic shop or digitally via comixology!

Thanks, folks!!