Monday, April 10, 2017

OMG MAY! Such a busy, busy time! APPEARANCES!

I'm gonna be all over in May, folks!

First, there's Free Comic Book Day, and I'll be signing from 11am until, well, at least 2, but I won't leave anyone hanging if they need a signature on a book!

I left out the "where," didn't I? I'm coming to Burbank, California! (That's like Los Angeles' cool hat!) Come see me at:


I'll sign! Chat! High five! Maybe I'll even sketch some. We'll see if they let me. (:

The week after? I'll be in Sioux Falls, SD for SIOUXPERCON 2017!

SIOUXPERCON -- Click that link to get your tickets now! There's even gonna be a pre-con dinner on Friday. Come, hang with the pros. Break bread and chat!

The week after that, I'll be hitting my home state show, the MSP COMIC CON!

It's a packed May with a lot of travel and a lot of fun.