Tuesday, December 5, 2017

New Project: Pitching in on RED SONJA

I'll be helping out on Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez' RED SONJA series over at Dynamite, scripting issues 12-16.

There's plenty of craziness in Amy's story, and Carlos is killing it on art.

#12 should be out pretty soon, but in the meantime, here's a short interview about it!


  1. Man, I am STOKED about this! I LOVED 'Long Walk To Oblivion' and while I'm a massive fan of Amy's take on Sonja, I think her Sonja's a little too polite and soft-spoken sometimes! Your Sonja was great in that one-shot, acting like a spoilt brat at times; plus while that big Ogre guy in the bar was no gentleman, Sonja was the one who started that particular fracas. I can't wait for this next arc and hopefully there won't be so many delays to the scheduled release dates with you on board. Thanks for taking this on, Erik!

  2. I can tell you I have three scripts turned in, with two left to write. #12 is all the way drawn, lettered, colored; #13 is almost halfway drawn. Art's looking great!

    And thanks for the thoughts on Long Walk -- Sonja is fun to write!