Monday, January 1, 2018


As I write this, 2017 is not much longer for the world

As a year, it has brought happiness and pain, more of one than the other for some, but for most of us, an even mix of each.

My (long) recap follows the break!

So, 2017.

I continued to have a fantastic time doing my job -- telling stories. It's a blessing to be able to do the thing that feels like your true calling.

And what a year I had -- I closed out the KISS: The Demon series co-written with Amy Chu, then the Ghostbusters 2017 annual, followed by Ghostbusters 101, The KISS: Forever and Red Sonja: Long Walk to Oblivion one shots, the TMNT Universe: Karai's Path arc, and finally, the TMNT/Ghostbusters crossover sequel. I worked with tons of great artists and had a fantastic time.

Here's a twitter thread with lots of art cred and links to the Comixology purchase links! (:

I got to go visit pals at Nickelodeon Studios (Dan Milano and Andy Suriano have some GREAT series upcoming in Glitch Techs and the newest iteration of TMNT; I'm so psyched to see their hard work pay off!)

I also got to drop by Sony and visit the Ghost Corps offices. That was a blast -- I love working with these folks and I love working on this property. Also, I got to zoom around a studio lot on a little golf cart, which, heck, that was something else.

Lots of conventions across the country this year, which was great, and which allowed me to hang out with pals I never otherwise get to see -- like my Ghostbusters collaborator Dapper Dan Schoening, who is usually hiding over off the west coast of Canada.

I got to see bunches, and I mean bunches, of friends and colleagues do some of their best work to well-deserved recognition.

I also got to do a little bit of vacationing, seeing Disneyland for the first time since Bush 41 was president of the US, and the amazing San Diego Zoo. Great times.

I lost 40 pounds to start the year off and then put 20 back. Let's see if I can drop them in the first quarter of 2018.

One of my biggest pluses -- going to see Tom Petty live -- became one of my biggest minuses as I got vertigo from my seats. (Height? Not bad! Angle? Yeah, I can't do straight down, apparently.) Had to listen to the whole show from the hall, but I'll catch him next ti--oops.

At the very least every other live event I was lucky enough to go to -- MST3K Live, Dylan Moran, John Cleese, and a Minnesota Viking game -- went off without a hitch. The Vikes even won.

I hope for a busy year, a year that isn't lonely, and a year where we come out better, not worse.


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