Friday, January 10, 2020

Two New Miniseries Starting This Month!

Hey, everybody!

Happy New Year!

I've been a busy fella lately, keeping up with my Patreon (at, where I've had new comic strips and panels up every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as scripts and other content.

I've also been busy working on two new comics, both debuting this month, and you'll see more after the jump!

First, GHOSTBUSTERS: YEAR ONE from IDW. In honor of the new film - Ghostbusters: Afterlife - Dan Schoening, Luis Antonio Delgado, and me, well... we're doing a series set in the very earliest days of the Ghostbusters' story.

Obviously, I know in-universe the Ghostbusters weren't in business for a year by the time Gozer arrived, but it's an appropriate title, isn't it?

The miniseries features a writer -- a ghost writer? -- named Rebecca Morales who is interviewing the team for a book done to capitalize on  interest after their battle with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Issue One features Winston Zeddemore's first bust after being hired on by the company.

Issue Two focuses on Ray Stantz, and the Ghostbusters' return to the New York Public Library to finish their business with the Librarian.

Issue Three shows the Ghostbusters' call to fashionable danceclub The Rose, a story related by Peter Venkman.

and finally, Issue Four focuses on Egon Spengler and the first attempt to deposit a ghost into the containment unit.

That's four, and we hope you love them!

My OTHER series is RED SONJA: AGE OF CHAOS from Dynamite. It sends Chastity, Purgatori, Evil Ernie and more to the Hyborian Age, and puts them on a collision course with the Hyrkanian She-Devil!

Six issues for that mini.

Both start in the next few weeks.