Monday, June 29, 2020

The Down Side is BACK!

Once upon a time (in 2002 or so) I started a comic strip called "The Down Side."

(The title was in homage to Mel Brooks  -- quoting Spaceballs -- and not Gary Larson, but I'm certainly not above raising the Far Side in tribute.)

Anyways, the strip was basically a sitcom about the residents of an apartment complex. I may bring that concept back to the fore, but for now, The Down Side is mostly whatever silly joke pops into my head at the time I sit down to draw. (Though the Saint brothers have popped up in a few strips already...)

The reboot of the comic came back in December, when I started to do 2 comics a week over at my Patreon page ( just to have some ready content available... and the other day I finally decided to get going on my plans to share them with non-patrons, too! 

The strips will be a month or so behind Patreon, but you can read them for free over on twitter at: 




And thank you for all of it.