Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!

2021 was a heck of a busy year for me.

I wrote a bunch of comics -- some of which aren't even coming out until next year -- started a couple of prose projects, two of which are ALSO due out next year, more on that as soon as I can tell you, and I kept up on my 2x weekly Downside comic over on Patreon.

I also put together a Downside collection, now available on Amazon.

...But there's a catch: Amazon's POD service is stretched thin by a graphics-heavy book. There are occasional printer lines. Drives me nuts (and they're never in the same place in the book, owing to the print-on-demand nature) but it's the best I can do for the book! Fulfilling a Kickstarter is a bit beyond me right now. (I may try another book in the future, however. We'll see.)

So the hardcopy is a little iffy -- but the KINDLE version looks great!

You can find it here: DOWNSIDE Vol. 1 @ Amazon

If you give it a try and it makes you chuckle, please leave a review. 

My second bit of new is that I complete an 8 page Nick Landime story to celebrate the character's (and my comic career's!) 20th anniversary. More news on that this coming spring!

And of course 2022 will also see:

More Beast Wars
GI Joe (inspired by the Sunbow cartoons)
An Alien Samurai Dinosaur Warriors book (based on Dimitri Vegas' concept)
Potions, Inc from Mad Cave

...And a few others I can't speak of yet!

I hope 2022 is safe, healthy, and prosperous for you and yours.

Take care out there!

End of 2021