Monday, January 4, 2016

I can't feel my arms. I CAN'T FEEL MY ARMS.

I'm not the type to start working out again JUST because it's the new year thing to do; I've been regularly going to the gym for a while, but deadlines and illness threw me into disarray over the last few months. I used the plethora of beginner workouts posted and shared this time of year to my advantage; I found one Saturday and decided, as far as the workout schedule ran, to start today.

Sweet Jesus.

I didn't finish the workout. No, by the time I got 90% through I saw "crunches" on the list and my torso threatened a violent response. Maybe next time! It'll show I made progress. (Knock wood.)

...But I did get through the bulk of it; I was pleased about that. Although I did just realize that this morning's session is as easy as this workout is going to get, this beginner workout I hasten to add, and my arms would give me the finger if I could lift them up that high... luckily, they're still comfortably able to reach of a keyboard; I have so much work to do today!

I'm flying through the third issue of Ghostbusters International. (There was a bit of a slowdown during the holidays, as there often is) and Dan, Tom and I have come up with some new and fun ideas, so I'm glad I'll have the chance to get them in without having to chuck anything in a rewrite!

I have plenty to see to today, and... of course, because of that, a shiny and fun new idea just presented itself. Just now. And I know if I start writing notes I'll be at it all day and lose time on the real deadlines... so I'd best not fall to temptation.

(This blog was more than enough of a warm up... to the script!)

And have a great day, folks!