Saturday, January 9, 2016

January really is off to the races.....!

I finished the first week of my return to more-than-just-running. Only three days; the first two days saw some serious arm soreness. Day three? Not so bad.

But next week? That'll be a real test. We'll see if I can pull it off as well. Four days this time, and more types of lifting.

(For those who wonder what I'm subjecting myself to, and would perhaps like to set up some kind of betting pool as to where I'll falter, here's what I'm trying.)

I've been working to catch up on the work hours I lost while being sick during the holidays; I'm juuuust about there, finishing the last bit of a Ghostbusters International script. (I've given Danny Schoening both a nine panel grid and a two-page spread to draw in this issue... do you think he'll mind?)

I just got a for-sure secret project on the books -- a miniseries starting this May! (You'll learn about it by or before mid-March, I should think. Don't beware the Ides, in this case.) Until then I can't tell you how many issues, what it's about, or who is drawing it. But I do know the answers to these things. I'll be starting my work this weekend with a bit of research.

I also have another secret project I was asked to pitch -- and this one has me very excited. Again, I can't tell you anything! Except that this one isn't on a schedule yet. Just a pitch.

Why share things I can't talk about? C'mon, folks. What fun is a secret project if you can't hold it over the heads of people who don't yet know?


I have a signing coming up in a couple of weeks at Hot Comics & Collectibles in New Hope, MN. Should be a fun time! (I'll be there 3-8pm.)

And that's it!

Talk at ya soon.